Suffumigations (Incense)

Suffumigations (Incense)



Solomonic Suffumigations (Incenses)

Incense has been burned in religious rites and magical rituals since before recorded history. Because they are compounded from sacred plants and other natural ingredients, they serve as common burnt-offerings to the Gods and/or spirits we work with. Spiritual entities and forces are attracted or repelled by different perfumes, and conjurors burn copious amounts of resins to provide a medium for the manifestation of spirits.

We compound our powdered incenses from natural resins, berries, woods and other ingredients sacred to the Planetary, Celestial, or Chthonic Forces. Each Planetary recipe contains (at least) three ingredients to represent the three Shamanic Worlds (celestial, material, and chthonic). Other incenses (such as Abramelin and Goetia) follow the recipes found in the grimoires.* They are then consecrated by Fr. Aaron according to the Key of Solomon the King. All come in powder form, for burning on live coals. (Sorry, no sticks or cones at this time.)

(* – Please see our note on Lignum Aloes products.)

Abramelin Incense
Abramelin Incense is a perfect “general use” suffumigation that can be employed for most magical purposes. Its main planetary association is with the Sun, and it is similar to standard “Church Incense.” The formula for Abramelin Incense is based upon Exodus 30:34-38 – where it was reserved only for use in the Tabernacle (and later the Temple of Solomon). The recipe was adapted into the Book of Abramelin with slight variations between various manuscripts.
Abramelin incense contains Frankincense, Benzoin (from the storax family), and the extremely rare yet powerful Lignum Aloes. However, if Lignum Aloes cannot be obtained, another ingredient such as cedar and/or rose petals may be added. We have decided to offer both of these formulations. In either case, the incense is exorcised and consecrated by an ordained Priest according to the Key of Solomon the King.
Abramelin Incense STANDARD (Frankincense, Benzoin, Rose, Cedar)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Abramelin Incense ALOES (Frankincense, Benzoin, Rose, Aloes)
[1/2 oz] – $21.95

Goetia Skrying Incense
The incense of the Goetia produces a deep, musky, almost-fruity (but not at all sweet) scent, tuned perfectly for skrying chthonic (underworld) entities. (See the process of creating this incense with photos here.) This incense is NOT exorcised and consecrated as it is intended for chthonic uses.
(Raisins & Dates preserved in Alum, Cedar, Aloes)

Goetia Skrying Incense [1/2 oz] – $34.95

Planetary Suffumigations

Now you can get all seven Doc Sol’s Planetary incenses for the price of six!
Just use code ‘all7incense’ at checkout. (Sorry, doesn’t include Agrippa incenses.)

Agrippa Planetary Incenses Now Available!!

Note: Most of Agrippa’s planetary incense recipes call for elements of the three kingdoms of mineral, vegetable, and animal. We do not include the animal products in these incenses – some of them would even be highly illegal today! We instead add an infusion of herbs sacred to the proper planet. Sadly, this means the incense does not, on its own, represent all three kingdoms. To balance this, you can make a meat offering and place small pieces of the cooked meat into your censor with the Agrippa incense.

Agrippa’s “Seven-Planet Suffumigation”
According to Agrippa: “Hermes describes the most powerfull fume to be, viz. that which is compounded of the seven Aromaticks, according to the powers of the seven Planets, for it receives from Saturne, Pepper-wort, from Jupiter, Nutmeg, from Mars, Lignum-aloes, from the Sun, Mastick, from Venus Saffron, from Mercury, Cinnamon, and from the Moon, the Myrtle.” This is a truly wonderful and inviting blend, intended for any magical use whatsoever.
(Pepperwort, Nutmeg, Aloes, Mastic, Saffron, Cinnamon, Myrtle) [1/2 oz] – $19.99

Saturn Incense
Saturn Incense is very noxious. It can be used to banish spirits in general (this is an exorcism incense), but it can also attract Saturnian angels and chthonic spirits.
Doc Sol’s Saturn Incense (Myrrh, Asafoetida, Sulfur, Lodestone)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Saturn Incense (Black Poppy Seed, Henbane, Mandrake, Loadstone, Myrrh, Saturn Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Jupiter Incense
Jupiter Incense will attract Jupiter spirits, encouraging luck and prosperity, joviality and friendship.
Doc Sol’s Jupiter Incense (Cedar, Clove, Apple Pectin, Pine)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Jupiter Incense (Ash Seed, Aloes, Storax, Benzoin, Lapis Lazuli, Peacock Feather Tops, and Jupiter Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Mars Incense
Mars Incense will attract Martial spirits. Use for battle or whenever strength and courage are required. Encourages courage and leadership, or aggression.
Doc Solomon’s Mars Incense (Tobacco, Cinnamon, Crushed Red Pepper*, Lodestone)
[1 oz] – $9.95
(* – WARNING!: Martian incense is extremely dangerous! Burn in small quantities and in a well-ventilated area. Never, for any reason, lean over the censor and inhale or draw in breath! It will burn your throat and lungs!)

Agrippa’s Mars Incense (Euphorbium, Bdellium, Gum Armoniack, Hellebore, Loadstone, Sulfur, and Mars Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Solar Incense
Solar Incense will attract Solar spirits, for spiritual work, inspiration, seeking of truth, revelation of secrets and the invocation of Divine Light. Encourages lofty thinking, compassion, learning.
Doc Sol’s Solar Incense (Frankincense, Copal, Benzoin)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Solar Incense (Saffron, Amber, Musk, Aloes, Lignum-Balsam, Laurel, Clove, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Solar Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Venus Incense
Venus Incense will attract Venusian spirits, for dating, sex, passion, creativity. Encourages heat in relationships and artistic inspiration.
Doc Sol’s Venus incense (Sandalwood, Benzoin, Rose Petals)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Venus Incense (Musk, Amber, Aloes, Roses, Red Coral, and Venus Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Mercury Incense
Mercury incense will attract Mercurial spirits, for divination, travel, evocations, spellwork, business matters or school. Encourages creativity, deviousness and communication.
Doc Sol’s Mercury Incense (Benzoin, Frankincense, Lavender Blossoms)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Mercury Incense (Mastic, Frankincense, Cloves, Cinquefoil, Agate, and Mercury Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Lunar Incense
Luna Incense will attract Lunar spirits, to induce dreams and visions, before divination, or to encourage peace and tranquility.
Doc Sols Lunar Incense (Calamus, Juniper Berries, Gardenia Oil)
[1 oz] – $9.95

Agrippa’s Lunar Incense (White Poppy Seeds, Frankincense, Camphor, and Lunar Herbal Infusion)
[1/2 oz] – $19.99

Other Suffumigations

Enochian Ritual Incense
From Anubeion Creations, this was originally a custom order from an Enochian practitioner, to aid in summoning the Angels. It is a rather complex scent, with a focus on both celestial correspondence and herbs intended to encourage manifestation. This is an incense only!
(Two types of frankincense resins, benzoin, patchouli, dittany of crete, sage, rose petals, honeysuckle, and cedar.)

Enochian Ritual Incense [1/2 oz] – $21.99

Spirit Summoning Incense
This incense from Anubeion Creations is another wonderful ritual summoning and psychic vision incense, with an added kick. Works for most grimoric spirits. This is an incense only!
(Lignum Aloes, Black Storax, Frankincense, Coriander, Fennel, Henbane, Nightshade, Wormwood and Urva Ursi.)

Spirit Summoning Incense [1/2 oz] – $21.99

Oriens Incense
From Anubeion Creations. Oriens is demon King of the eastern wind, and ruler of the Elementals of the East (Fire, Salamanders, Sun in Aries)
(Benzoin, copal and sandarac resins, with cedar and saffron.)

Oriens Incense [1/2 oz] – $14.99

Amaymon Incense
From Anubeion Creations. Amaymon is the demon King of the southern wind, and ruler of the Elementals of the South (Gnomes, Earth, Sun in Capricorn)
(Black frankincense, Black storax, wormwood/mugwort/dittany of crete, peacock feather. Datura/Nightshade/Henbane can also be added if available.)

Amaymon Incense [1/2 oz] – $14.99

Paymon Incense
From Anubeion Creations. Paymon is the demon King of the wesetern wind, and ruler of the Elementals of the West (Sylphs, Air, Sun in Libra)
(White/black frankincense, yarrow, carnation. Lignum aloes are also an option.)

Paymon Incense [1/2 oz] – $14.99

Ariton Incense
From Anubeion Creations. Ariton (aka Egyn) is the demon King of the northern wind, and ruler of the Elementals of the North (Undines, Water, Sun in Cancer)
(Myrrh, opopanox resins, rose petals, Lignum aloes)

Ariton Incense [1/2 oz] – $14.99

Bune Incense
From Anubeion Creations. Spirit of Venus, #26 in the Goetia of Solomon. A strong, great, and mighty duke who appears as a Dragon with three heads (dog, griffin, and man). He “changeth the places of the dead, & causeth those spirits that are under him to gather together upon their sepulchers.” He also “giveth riches to a man and maketh him wise and eloquent, he giveth true answers to your demands, and governeth 30 Legions of spirits.”
(Dragon’s Blood, cedar, benzoin, frankincense, sandalwood, storax, allspice, and patchouli.)

Bune Incense [1/2 oz] – $16.99

Uncrossing Incense
From Anubeion Creations. If you feel like the only luck you have is the bad kind, you are “crossed.” Uncrossing refers to several methods used to break a crossed condition. Many of them involve burning of incense intended to drive away negative spirits, break the crossing, and attract luck and fortune.
Uncrossing Incense [1 oz] – $21.99

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