Abramelin Tools and Supplies

Abramelin Tools and Supplies


Abramelin Tools and Supplies

The Book of Abramelin is one of the most famous (and misunderstood) grimoires in the Western Occult Tradition. It only contains a single Rite – a months-long initiation to create a permanent connection with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, and to establish authority over the spiritual forces of the earth and underworld.

We offer a course in the Abramelin Tradition, including classes and consultations designed specifically for those undertaking the Rite (however you are free to join us even if you just want to attend the classes).

We also offer several products intended especially for aspirants of the Abramelin Tradition. While you can still find them under their own listings in our store, this page is intended to gather them all into one place; so if Abramelin is your path, you won’t have to search for everything we offer, nor ask if we offer something we do not (yet).

If you are a student of our Abramelin Tradition course, remember to apply your discount! (It applies to anything we make here at Doc Sol’s.) And also remember: none of these items are required for the course! You are more than welcome to buy from us, but Aaron will teach you ways to make these items yourself as well.

Here is our current collection of Abramelin products. Each link will take you to the product directly OR to the page on which the product is listed:

Abramelin Oil
Abramelin Holy Oil is a very powerful anointing oil, based directly upon the Holy Anointing Oil described in Exodus 30, and adapted into the Book of Abramelin.
Abramelin Incense
Abramelin Incense is a perfect “general use” suffumigation that can be employed for most magical purposes. Its main planetary association is with the Sun, and it is similar to standard “Church Incense.” The formula for Abramelin Incense is based upon Exodus 30:34-38 – where it was reserved only for use in the Tabernacle (and later the Temple of Solomon). The recipe was adapted into the Book of Abramelin with slight variations between various manuscripts.

Abramelin Regalia (Robes and Crown)

Abramelin requires the use of special ritual regalia – including a white linen robe, a silk over-robe and girdle, and a silk filet or crown. Our robes are 100% linen (available in white only) and 100% dupioni silk (red, yellow, or white).

Our Abramelin Crowns are made from a European silk and linen blend, stitched to a copper band etched with the required Divine Names.

Abramelin Silver Almadel
The Book of Abramelin famously employs a square plate of silver (or “silver lamen”) for the purpose of skrying the Holy Guardian Angel. This is drawn from the “Almadel” or “Almandel” tradition, which utilizes reflective surfaces for the purpose of skrying.
Our Silver Almadels are hand-made from sturdy 20 gauge silver-nickle alloy, cut 6 x 6 inches, and backed with felt. Each one is polished and wrapped in white linen for shipping.
Olive Oil Lamps
The Book of Abramelin requires the use of a traditional Olive Oil Lamp in the sacred space of the Oratory. It is lit, first and foremost, each and every time one works the altar of the Holy Guardian Angel – as it represents the Light of God. Our Olive Oil Lamps all have glass reservoirs allowing the flame to shine a beautiful glow through the golden oil. Each Lamp includes a copper coil wick-holder, and twelve inches of 1/8″ round braided cotton wick. (You will have to provide you own olive oil for fuel.)
Holy Guardian Angel Novenas
The Guardian Angel governs the rectification of your soul, and all that moves you closer to the Divine. It is the quintessence, your “head spirit”, your primary Teacher and Guide, and the Voice of God in your life. This candle is not called for in the Book of Abramelin, but has been a popular item among those working regularly with their Guardian Angel both within and outside of the Abramelin path.
The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin
The system of spirit-working (goetia) contained in the Book of Abramelin is hidden in a scattered fashion throughout the grimoire. While it is not at all blinded, it is presented in such a way the merely curious are likely to overlook it. And they have! In this essay, I gather the information and cover this system in detail – drawing upon my own knowledge and experience in order to present a complete and fully-functioning system of spirit-magick for those who have completed the Rite of Abramelin. Plus, as an added bonus, I have included The Magickal Word-Squares of Abramelin: Compiled and Corrected for the First Time– making the full range of the word-squares more readily accessible than ever before. [182 pgs, 6×9 in]

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