Holy and Power Oils

Holy and Power Oils


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Holy and Power Oils

Holy Oil is used in mystical and religious traditions around the world for blessing, exorcism and healing. It can be used to consecrate tools, robes, furnishings, talismans and (of course) yourself or others. It can also be used to bless and seal the doorways and windows of one’s house, protecting the home against harmful spirits. Furthermore, charged oils made from plants and perfumes sacred to specific forces, angels, spirits, and deities can be used to impart their attributes onto the persons or objects anointed with them.

Holy Olive Oil
Olive oil is a traditional sacred anointing oil used in Churches. We strive to locate suppliers of pure (not fake or diluted) olive oil, then it is blessed by a Priest during Sunday Mass.
[2 dram] – $7.95

Abramelin Oil
Abramelin Holy Oil is a very powerful anointing oil, based directly upon the Holy Anointing Oil described in Exodus 30, and adapted into the Book of Abramelin.
True ‘Abramelin Oil’ is nearly impossible to purchase, because the correct recipe is rarely followed. In worst case scenarios, it can burn the skin and eyes. Our Abramelin Holy Oil is made by hand, exactly as the Book of Abramelin instructs – following all measurements and using “the art of the apothocary” (an extraction process lasting several weeks) to extract the oils from the plants. Our Oil will not burn your skin, barring any allergies to the ingredients. (Please test any oil before use by placing a very small drop on your skin to make sure there are no negative reactions!)
[2 dram] – $32.95

Anubeion Oils

Doc Solomon’s is proud to announce the addition of magical oils made by Anubeion Creations to our catalog! Magical oils are used in a wide variety of traditions for many purposes, limited only by the imagination. Common uses are for anointing, blessing, consecrations, and as augmentation of other magical works such as gris gris, charms, talismans, and in candle magic. These oils can also be used in devotional work with the Gods, to care for Deity and Saints’ statues, ritual work, spell casting, evocation, exorcism, hex breaking, divination, hoodoo and conjure, and much more.
These oils require magically timed preparation during a Waxing Moon, on the corresponding day and hour of the planet (if applicable). Ingredients generally include herbs, essential oils, and a carrier oil as a base; but can also include items that suit the purpose of the blend (bones, feathers, stones, etc). Laurie uses the best available essential oils and herbs, sourced locally or from small businesses that use organic growing techniques, and no petroleum based solvents.

Planetary Oils
Planetary Oils can be used to care for spirit statues and as a devotional tool when working with spirits, as well as having a role in ritual work, planetary magic, angelic magic, evocation, and just about any purpose designated by the practitioner.
Archangel and Spirit Oils
These oils can also be used to care for Angel or Spirit statues and as a devotional tool when working with the Archangels, as well as having a role in ritual work, planetary magic, angelic magic, chthonic magic, evocation, and just about any purpose designated by the practitioner.
Deity & Power Oils
Deity Oils require ingredients sacred to the God. Magical Timing, Feast Days, and/or Holy Days associated with the Deity are observed where possible/applicable.
Power Oils are used in conjure traditions for specific spells and magical effects, anointing candles, talismans, satchets, and of course yourself or a spell target.
Traditional Witches’ Flying Oils
Flying oils are very powerful aids for increasing psychic vision, summoning spirits, and even leaving the body to fly through the spiritual realms. Such oils and ointments were used primarily (but not exclusively) for goetia and the summoning of chthonic (underworld) beings. Please Contact us for further information.

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