Sprinkling Powders by Anubeion

Sprinkling Powders by Anubeion



Sprinkling Powders by Anubeion

Doc Solomon’s is proud to announce the addition of sprinkling and satchet powders made by Anubeion’s Laurie Romano to our catalog! These powders are the perfect accompaniment to their various Planetary, Deity, and Power Oils.

Price: $16.49 – 19.49 (1/2 oz)

Sprinkling powders can be used for unlimited purposes, such as creating satchets, empowering talismans and sigils, making a circle, sprinkling or blowing onto a target, and for spell working. They can also be used for offerings to deities and spirits; for protection, defense, love, money, and just about anything!

Our Sprinkling Powders are hand made by Laurie Romano. They require magically timed preparation during a Waxing Moon, on corresponding days and/or hours.

Laurie also creates custom powders designed to meet your own specifications. Contact us with your requirements, for information and a price quote.

Saturn powder is good for work where the end results desired are related to containment and limitation, or more gradual, slower, controlled change, as well as attaining political prowess and negotiating skills. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Jupiter powder is useful for work involving getting a job, obtaining a better job, improving one’s circumstances, empowerment, winning friendships, and general well being. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Mars powder is useful for work involving strength, power, protection, offense, and defense; as well as an extra ingredient in War Water. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Sol/Sun powder is used in working with Solar applications, healing, and in positive works. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Venus powder can be used in works of creativity, imagination, artistry, love, and the honoring of divine feminine. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Mercury powder is useful for work involving communications, rapid change, movement/mobility, and travel. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

Moon powder is used in astral work, rituals, and psychic and dream work. [1/2 oz – $16.49]

If you feel like the only luck you have is the bad kind, you are “crossed.” Uncrossing refers to several methods of reversing the crossed condition. Some of them make use of sprinkling powders to drive away negative spirits, break the crossing, and attract good luck and fortune. [1/2 oz – $19.49]

Contact us for the current status of any out of stock items.

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