Planetary Spell Kits

Planetary Spell Kits



Planetary Spell Kits

Doc Solomon’s has always specialized in rare and obscure items for ritual observance and spellwork. However, we understand not everyone has the years of training necessary to know how to combine these items and perform the invocations to call the spirits and achieve your goals. Even if you do, it would be rather expensive to purchase all the individual ingredients to combine for your spell, and even more expensive to hire someone to do the work for you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get, in a single package, exactly what you need, only as much as you need, and for it to come with simple instructions for the needed spell?

Introducing Doc Solomon’s Planetary Spell Kits!

Price: $38.95

Each Kit comes with everything you need to perform a powerful spell for any purpose. Draw fortune, luck, love, money, and more to you, or send negative things away. Your Planetary Spell Kit includes:

– 1 Planetary Talisman
– 1 Colored Candle
– 1/2 oz Planetary Incense
– 1 oz Herbal Holy Water
– 1 dram bottle of Planetary Oil
– 1/8 oz Planetary Powder
– Complete Spell Instructions

As always, every item in the Kit has been consecrated, blessed, or charged just as if they were being sold individually. That means everything is already powered and ready to go – you only need to set it up and cast the spell!

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Saturn Kit
The Underworld and Time. Responsibility, Work Ethic, Strength Through Trial, Solved Problems, Discipline, Diligence, Patience, Steadfastness, Integrity, Destiny, Fate. Similar to the Element of Earth. Rules, Capricornus and Aquarius.

Jupiter Kit
Benevolence and Wisdom. Abundance, Good Fortune, Joy, Honor, Good Faith, Luck, Happiness, Wealth, High Position, Honesty, Philosophy, Success, Feasts and Festivals, Blessings. Rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars Kit
War and the Underworld. Tyranny and Totalitarianism. Famine and Plague. Passion and Severity, Aggression, Competition, Ambition, Courage, Strength, Endurance, Strife, Tension, Anger, Accidents, Destruction, Earthquakes, Violence. Similar to Fire. Rules Aries and Scorpius.

Solar Kit
Lord and Judge of the World, Exorcism, Court Cases, Ascension, Purification, Initiation, Healing, Compassion, Majesty, Growth, Life-Force, the Divine,, Wisdom, Rulership, Friendship, Happiness. Similar to the Element of Spirit. Rules Leo.

Venus Kit
Sex, Lust and Passion (for love or war). Pleasure, Inspiration, Affection, Beauty, Desirability and Sex Appeal, Seduction, Love Affairs, Art, Beauty, Adornment, Decoration, Social Graces, Harmony, Emotions, Happiness. Rules Taurus and Libra.

Mercury Kit
Wisdom, Invention, Language, Communication, Logic, Science, Magick, Intelligence, Speed, Agility, Skill, Dexterity, Cleverness, Speech, Music (especially writing it), Math, Astronomy, Cunning, Perception, Reason, Memory, Writing, Ceremony, Words of Power, Divination, Travel, Transportation, Education and Research, Thieves, Business. Similar to Air. Rules Gemini and Virgo.

Lunar Kit
Balanced cyclics. Magick. Astral Vision and Travel. Dreams, Visions, Emotions, Instinct, the Unconscious, Intuition, Infancy, Childhood, Motherhood, Memory and the Past, Spiritual Knowledge. Similar to Water. Rules Cancer.

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