Planetary Oils by Anubeion

Planetary Oils by Anubeion


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Planetary Oils by Anubeion

Doc Solomon’s is proud to announce the addition of magical oils made by Anubeion’s Laurie Romano to our catalog! Magical oils are used in a wide variety of traditions for many purposes, limited only by the imagination. Common uses are for anointing, blessing, consecrations, and as augmentation of other magical works such as gris gris, charms, talismans, and in candle magic.

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Oils can also be used to care for spirit statues and as a devotional tool when working with spirits, as well as having a role in ritual work, planetary magic, angelic magic, evocation, and just about any purpose designated by the practitioner.

Our Planetary Oils are hand made by Laurie Romano. They require magically timed preparation during a Waxing Moon, on the corresponding day and hour of the planet. Ingredients generally include herbs, essential oils, and a carrier oil as a base; but can also include items that suit the purpose of the blend (bones, feathers, miniature dice, glitter, lodestones, etc). Laurie uses the best available essential oils and herbs, sourced locally or from small businesses that use organic growing techniques, and no petroleum based solvents.

Laurie also creates custom oils designed for special purpose use to meet your own specifications. Contact us with your requirements, for information and a price quote.

Saturn Oil
Saturn Oil is good for work where the end results desired are related to containment and limitation, or more gradual, slower, controlled change, as well as attaining political prowess and negotiating skills.  Ingredients: Myrrh, Asafoetida, and Sulphur.


Jupiter Oil
Jupiter Oil is useful for work involving getting a job, obtaining a better job, improving one’s circumstances, empowerment, and general well being. Cedar, hyssop, clove and pine are used in this oil, as well as 4 pieces of apple (sacred to Jupiter), 4 heads of clove, and nutmeg.


Mars Oil
Mars Oil is useful for work involving strength, power, protection, offense, and defense; as well as an adjunct in War Water. This oil was compounded with powdered cinnamon and oil of cinnamon, with tobacco and cayenne pepper.


Sol Oil
Solar Oil is used in working with Solar applications, healing, and in positive works. Frankincense, copal, benzoin, rue, a pinch of saffron and bay laurel are used to create this oil.


Venus Oil
Venus Oil can be used in works of creativity, imagination, artistry, love, and the honoring of divine feminine. Ingredients include benzoin, rose petals/oil, orris root, sandalwood, musk, and lotus.


Mercury Oil
Mercury Oil is useful for work involving communications, rapid change, movement/mobility, and travel. Oils of lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, clary sage, frankincense, and benzoin are used in this oil, with a dash of dill.


Luna Oil
Luna Oil is used in astral work, rituals, and psychic and dream work. Calamus, juniper berries, gardenia, wisteria, and myrrh are combined to create this oil.

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