Abramelin Olive Oil Lamps

Abramelin Olive Oil Lamps




Abramelin Olive Oil Lamps

The Book of Abramelin requires the use of a traditional Olive Oil Lamp in the sacred space of the Oratory, as is instructed in the Biblical Book of Exodus (27:20): “…they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually.” It is lit, first and foremost, each and every time one works the altar of the Holy Guardian Angel – as it represents the Light of God. The importance of both olive oil and lamps appears many times throughout Biblical symbolism. Abramelin suggests the Lamp should be golden, or silver, or (if these were too difficult to acquire) one of brass will suffice.

Price: $38.95 – 48.95

Brass Base w/Gold Trim

Russian-Cut Crystal Glass

Silver Base w/Silver Trim

Our Olive Oil Lamps come in three versions (see below), and all have glass reservoirs allowing the flame to shine a beautiful glow through the golden oil. Each Lamp includes a copper coil wick-holder, and twelve inches of 1/8″ round braided cotton wick. (You will have to provide you own olive oil for fuel.)

There are three options:

6″ Brass Base with 24k Gold Trim ($48.95):

5 1/2″ Silver Base with Silver Trim ($38.95): OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

8 1/2″ Russian-cut Crystal Glass ($38.95):

Contact us for the current status of any out of stock items.

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