Solomonic Archangel Talismans (Prints)

Solomonic Archangel Talismans (Prints)


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Solomonic Archangel Talismans (Prints)

Talismans are at the heart of the Solomonic Tradition. They are similar in nature to mandalas – mystical figures intended to invoke specific divine and natural forces. In our Western systems, these normally take the form of small disks with mystical seals, sigils, symbols, sacred Names and Words of Power. They might be carved into wax, etched into metal or stone, or painted in bright colors on parchment or paper. They are used to bind spirits or just occult forces in general, and can be charged to attract or repel forces in sympathy with them. A properly constructed and empowered talisman can be used to anchor your spell, as well as to attract or command the spirits.

Price: $6.99 each, or $34.99 for set of seven

Our artist Carrie Leitch has hand-painted a set of seven brilliantly-colored Solomonic Talismans. Laminated prints of these were originally included only in our full Planetary Spell Kits. However, many of our customers have requested the Talismans by themselves – so here they are! These are the same laminated prints found in the Kits, and they are still consecrated according to the Key of Solomon by Father Aaron Leitch.

As an added bonus, we have decided to include the Spell Instructions with each Talisman as well. Plus, if you decide to purchase all seven Talismans, we’ll give you TWO of them for free!

Saturn/Cassiel Talisman
Black with white lettering. The Underworld and Time. Responsibility, Work Ethic, Strength Through Trial, Solved Problems, Discipline, Diligence, Patience, Steadfastness, Integrity, Destiny, Fate. Similar to the Element of Earth. Rules, Capricornus and Aquarius.

Jupiter/Sachiel Talisman
Blue with orange lettering. Benevolence and Wisdom. Abundance, Good Fortune, Joy, Honor, Good Faith, Luck, Happiness, Wealth, High Position, Honesty, Philosophy, Success, Feasts and Festivals, Blessings. Rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars/Samael Talisman
Red with green lettering. War and the Underworld. Tyranny and Totalitarianism. Famine and Plague. Passion and Severity, Aggression, Competition, Ambition, Courage, Strength, Endurance, Strife, Tension, Anger, Accidents, Destruction, Earthquakes, Violence. Similar to Fire. Rules Aries and Scorpius.

Solar/Michael Talisman
Yellow with violet lettering. Lord and Judge of the World, Exorcism, Court Cases, Ascension, Purification, Initiation, Healing, Compassion, Majesty, Growth, Life-Force, the Divine,, Wisdom, Rulership, Friendship, Happiness. Similar to the Element of Spirit. Rules Leo.

Venus/Anael Talisman
Green with red lettering. Sex, Lust and Passion (for love or war). Pleasure, Inspiration, Affection, Beauty, Desirability and Sex Appeal, Seduction, Love Affairs, Art, Beauty, Adornment, Decoration, Social Graces, Harmony, Emotions, Happiness. Rules Taurus and Libra.

Mercury/Raphael Talisman
Orange with blue lettering. Wisdom, Invention, Language, Communication, Logic, Science, Magick, Intelligence, Speed, Agility, Skill, Dexterity, Cleverness, Speech, Music (especially writing it), Math, Astronomy, Cunning, Perception, Reason, Memory, Writing, Ceremony, Words of Power, Divination, Travel, Transportation, Education and Research, Thieves, Business. Similar to Air. Rules Gemini and Virgo.

Lunar/Gabriel Talisman
Violet with yellow lettering. Balanced cyclics. Magick. Astral Vision and Travel. Dreams, Visions, Emotions, Instinct, the Unconscious, Intuition, Infancy, Childhood, Motherhood, Memory and the Past, Spiritual Knowledge. Similar to Water. Rules Cancer.

Pack of All Seven Talismans

Don’t forget, we make custom Talismans as well! Each one is an original work of art (not a print, nor laminated) done on virgin parchment or metal according to the Key of Solomon.

Contact us for the current status of any out of stock items.

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