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Custom Talismans


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Custom Talisman Creation

Our Talisman Artisans (Carrie Leitch and Eli Cohen) are accomplished artists and Adepts in the Western Occult Tradition, and can fashion truly beautiful, professional, and powerful talismans for you! We work in a traditional manner – beginning with a full astrological election to find when the associated Planet will be powerful and well-aspected, then performing the work with consecrated instruments. Then, by your request, we can also consecrate the finished Talisman upon the proper day and hour of the Planet.
They are then wrapped in consecrated linen for shipping to you.

There are several available options for your needs: they can be painted onto virgin calfskin parchment, hand-carved into wax, inscribed into metal, or leafed with gold or silver.

Prices will vary depending on what you want or need (see below). The listed prices do not include:

-Custom design work (beginning at $75)*
-Casting an astrological election ($25)*
-Performance of consecration ($75)*

(* – These prices are discounted for custom Talisman work. Prices will vary if you want any of these services by themselves. You can check here for further consecration options and prices.)

(Don’t forget to contact us so we can work out the details of your Talisman!)

Consecrated Calfskin Parchment

Hand-painted by Carrie Leitch on consecrated calfskin parchment. (Listed price is for 3 1/2 inch Talisman. NOTE: The pictured Anaquiel Talisman is much more expensive!)

Starting at $150.00 (Contact Us)

Calfskin Parchment with Gold or Silver Leafing

Gold and silver Talismans are expensive! However, you can still incorporate theses precious metals into your Talisman by having Carrie leaf it for you. The figures will then be hand-painted onto the leafing. (Listed price is for 3 1/2 inch Talisman.)

Starting at $300.00 (Contact Us)

Inscribed Metal

When practical and possible, it is always best to cast your Talisman in the proper Planetary metal. Eli Cohen will inscribe your Talisman into the metal of your choice, during a proper astrological election. Prices begin at the listed amounts, and do not include extras such as design work and consecration. Also be aware these prices are subject to change, so contact us for a final estimate:
See below for info and pricing on metals:

Brass and Copper

Planet(s): Venus. Also Sol, Mercury, Any. Brass and Copper are traditionally associated with Venus. However Brass, especially, can stand in for the Sun in place of (more expensive) gold, as well as for Mercury (because it is an alloy). Meanwhile, (though not traditional) due to copper’s well-known trait of conductivity, it has been used as a general (and affordable) basis for any kind of Talisman:
Brass Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $210
Brass Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $300
Copper Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $210
Copper Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $300
Copper Talisman – 73mm (approx. 3 in): $192
Gold-Plated Copper Talisman – 73mm (approx. 3 in): $780
Silver-Plated Copper Talisman – 73mm (approx. 3 in): $480

Silver/Nickel Alloy

Planet(s): Mercury. Also Luna. All alloys are sacred to Mercury.* We have chosen a Silver/Nickel alloy because each metal also has traditional associations with Mercury by itself. This can also be an acceptable, and more affordable, alternative to pure silver for Lunar Talismans:
Silver/Nickel Alloy Talisman 73mm (approx. 3 in): $192
(* – Note: Also see Brass, another alloy suitable for Mercury.)


Planet(s): Jupiter. Also Mercury. Tin is traditionally associated with Jupiter, but has some obscure associations with Mercury – due to its being a very soft and silvery metal, as if it were a more fixed (and less toxic!) form of liquid mercury:
Tin Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $210
Tin Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $300
Tin Enochian Ensigns of Creation (set of 7) – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $1140
Tin Enochian Ensigns of Creation (set of 7) – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $1680


Planet(s): Mars. Traditionally associated with Mars due to the advent of iron weapons and armor during the Iron Age. Still valued for its strength today:
Iron/Steel Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $210
Iron/Steel Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $300
Iron/Steel Talisman House Protection (set of 5 – 100mm) (approx. 4 in): $780
Iron/Steel Talisman House Protection (set of 5 – 150mm) (approx. 6 in): $1200


Planet(s): Saturn. Lead is traditionally associated with Saturn, mainly due to its highly toxic nature. (WARNING!!!: Please be aware any object made of Lead will be dangerous to handle without proper protection!):
Lead Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $240
Lead Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $360


Planet(s): Luna. Also Mercury. Traditionally the metal of the Moon, thanks to its soft silvery nature. However, those same traits also make it similar to a more fixed (and less toxic!) form of liquid mercury. (Also note a more affordable Silver/Nickel alloy can be an acceptable substitute for pure Silver!):
Silver Talisman – 100mm (approx. 4 in): $900
Silver Talisman – 150mm (approx. 6 in): $1440
Silver/Nickel Alloy Talisman 73mm (approx. 3 in): $192
Silver Plated Copper Talisman – 73mm (approx. 3 in): $480


Planet(s): Sol. Due to its preciousness, yellow color, brilliant glow, and incorruptible nature, Gold has long been the metal most sacred to the Sun:
Pure Gold Talisman – requires estimate
Gold Plated Copper Talisman – 73mm (approx. 3 in): $780


Hand-Carved Beeswax

Some operations call for beeswax tablets or talismans carved into pure beeswax. (These are often but not always intended for burial.) We will cast a beeswax disk and Carrie will hand-carve the figures into the wax. We can also dye the wax to any color you need.
Coming Soon! Stay tuned here or at our Facebook Page for updates!

Don’t forget to contact us so we can work out the details of your custom order! And remember the listed prices do not include original design work or consecration services. (See here for consecration options.)

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