Solomonic Ritual Candles

Solomonic Ritual Candles


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Solomonic Ritual Candles

“It hath been ever the custom among all nations to use fire and light in sacred things. For this reason the master of the art should also employ them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the conjurations by, and for the incense, in all operations lights are necessary in the circle.” – Key of Solomon the King

Price (6in taper): $19.95/single – $34.95/pair

Beeswax candles with virgin spun wick

Solomonic magick requires consecrated candles of virgin beeswax with wicks made by a young maiden. When lit with prayer, they are powerful embodiments of pure Solar light in your sacred space. They will empower your spells, and make excellent fire and wax offerings to the angels and spirits.

We currently provide six-inch off-white taper candles. We bleach the beeswax in direct sunlight only (a process taking up to several weeks, depending on weather), and the wicks are hand-spun from raw cotton by our resident 6 year old maiden A.J. Each candle is then consecrated according to the Key of Solomon. The taper candles are sold singly or in pairs.


From the Key of Solomon The King, Mathers trans.: “For this reason he should make candles of virgin wax in the day and hour of Mercury; the wicks should have been made by a young girl; and the candles should be made when the moon is in her increase, of the weight of half a pound each*, and on them thou shalt engrave these characters with the iron pen (stylus) of the art. (See Figure 84.)”

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: Because making these candles requires highly specialized hand-crafting by several of us (spinning of the wicks, pouring of the wax, and engraving the finished candles) along with very specific magical timing and consecration, it can take us anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months (depending on the size of your order) to create these candles for you. When you order, keep in mind there will be a wait while we create and ship them to you. However, we are quite sure you will be pleased with the final result!

Pair of Ritual Candles ($34.95)

Single Ritual Candle ($19.95)

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