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Available Classes

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Doc Solomon’s University

Welcome! This is where you can browse the classes and seminars offered by Fr. Aaron Leitch and Carrie Leitch. (Click here to learn more about us.) If you are interested in a class, click on it for complete information and enrollment. Keep checking back here for new classes, enrollment dates, etc. Also see our Facebook Page for announcements and updates.

Full Courses

Secrets of Solomon – Grimoire Magick Classes 101
Legends of King Solomon were popular in medieval Europe, eventually generating a “Solomonic” tradition among European mystics. These people were among the first to record aspects of their magickal traditions in book form- which we today refer to as “grimoires” (textbooks) – the ancestral backbone of modern magical traditions. This series, intended for beginners, is an in-depth exploration of Solomonic mysticism- with its methods explained step-by-step along the way. [8 Classes – ENROLL NOW]
Arcana: Tarot Classes for Beginners
To effectively interpret the imagery of the Tarot, it is necessary to understand where the Tarot originated and its transformation from game to an extensive source of esoteric knowledge and system of divination. This course will cover the more traditional symbolism of the Rider-Waite Tarot, along with the Golden Dawn Magickal Tarot and the Thoth Tarot for their extensive Qabalistic symbology. This is an eight (8) week, Beginner’s Level Course in the Art of Reading Tarot. [8 Classes – ENROLL NOW]
The Abramelin Tradition – Performing the Rite in the Modern World
The Book of Abramelin is one of the most famous grimoires in the Western Occult Tradition. It only contains a single Rite – a months-long initiation to create a permanent connection with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, and to establish authority over the spiritual forces of the earth and underworld. This is a six-month course, including classes and consultations designed specifically for those undertaking the Rite – however you are free to join us even if you just want to attend the classes. [10 Classes – ENROLL NOW]

One-Shot Classes

Working with the Ancestors – The Boveda (Ancestor Altar)
The ancestor altar is one of the first magickal tools created by a new witch, and one of her primary methods of working with the spirit world. It was from her ancestors that she drew her power, her spiritual insight and through whom she could perform nearly any form of domestic magick – healing, protection, divination, prosperity (crops, livestock, children), bringing money, etc, etc. In this class, adept sorcerers Aaron and Carrie Leitch will relate the history and philosophy behind ancestor work, explain how to construct your own ancestor altar (Boveda) and teach you how to put it to use. You will learn all of the important protocols for working with your ancestors safely and successfully. [One-Shot Class – ENROLL NOW]
Meditation and Relaxation Basics
The practices of body relaxation and “calm-abiding” meditation are important skills for every magician’s toolkit. The ability to summon, exorcise, work with, and command spiritual entities can only succeed if one first knows how to calm and control both the body and mind. Training in this way over a period of time will develop mental focus and acuity. And the processes behind the relaxation and meditation techniques are essential for the arts of skrying and summoning! In this class, Father Aaron Leitch explains these processes and techniques to you, and takes you on a step by step journey through them. You will experience deep relaxation through three different techniques, followed by a guided meditation session. No mystical jargon. No complex postures. No complex breathing patterns. Just bare bones instructions on how to relax the body and quiet the mind. (This class is excerpted from the Abramelin course.) [One-Shot Class – ENROLL NOW]
The Guardian Angel in Your Birth Chart (Decipher the name of your Natal Genius)
The Natal Guardian Angel, or “Natal Genius”, embodies the strongest and most positive aspects of your nativity. It is in charge of your astrological Fate here on Earth, can teach you how to make the most of your positive aspects, and how to overcome the negative aspects. Moreover, this Angel serves as your Protector, your Teacher, your Guide, and your source of Spiritual Authority. In this one-off class, you’ll learn about the Almuten of your chart, what a Syzygy is, and (of course) the complex and mind-numbing process by which astrologers (and now you!) decipher the names of Angels from horoscopes. (There are even uses for this method outside of your own birth chart!) Father Aaron Leitch will take you through the procedure, step by step, with easy to understand illustrations along the way. (This class is excerpted from the Solomonic 201 course.) [One-Shot Class – ENROLL NOW]

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