Live Tarot Readings by Carrie (or Aaron)

Live Tarot Readings by Carrie (or Aaron)


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Live Tarot Readings by Carrie (or Aaron)

Carrie and Aaron Leitch have studied several esoteric traditions over the last twenty-five years. They are trained in traditional Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian, and other Western symbolism and Tarot interpretation to focus on your specific questions. They will also consult Archangels, ancestral, and patron spirits if they have messages to convey. Their combined occult knowledge and intuition enable them to perform unique, highly accurate readings that help you see the hazards and potentials that you may be facing.

Sessions can be done by video or voice-only (your choice) using Messenger or Zoom platforms, or by phone.

Price: $50.00 (for a half-hour session)

Setting Your Appointment (Just Two Steps!)

Step One: Purchase the amount of time you would like below. Order one (1) unit for 30 minutes, or two (2) units for an hour reading:

Then don’t forget to come back here for Step Two:

Step Two: Click here and follow the instructions to book your day and time.