Butterfly Blood Calligraphy Ink

Butterfly Blood Calligraphy Ink


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Butterfly Blood Calligraphy Ink

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses requires its talismans to be written “with the blood of butterflies.” This may have been adopted from Islamic culture, where even today Aza‘im (incantations) are written in this way. Western occultism – such as Conjure, Hoodoo, Wicca, and (of course) the Solomonic tradition – also make use of this rare substance for inscribing prayers and talismans.

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It is, of course, quite unlikely we are expected to extract the “blood” (or hemolymph) from hundreds of butterflies to make an ink! Traditionally, “butterfly blood ink” is made from one of the world’s most precious spices: Saffron. It produces a rich golden color, and is said to bring luck, love, peace, and harmony. It could very well take its name from the Clouded Yellow Butterfly (or Colias Crocea), who is native to northern Africa and migrates as far north as Britain each year. Crocea literally means “saffron colored.”

We make our Butterfly Blood Inks by hand, from all natural ingredients, on the day and hours of Mercury during a waxing Moon. We infuse pure Saffron into our homemade Rose Water and Gum Arabic to produce a deep and rich golden color. For our black version, we mix in pure lampblack. We then follow the Key of Solomon by including the proper sigils on the ink bottles and pouring the ink in with the proper exorcism.

NOTE: Because our inks are hand-made and magical timing limits when we can produce them, we can only make very small runs of each color. If we sell out of stock, we will produce a new run on the next available Wednesday during the waxing Moon phase.

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Black Color:

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