Holy Tables of the Fathers (Almadels)

Holy Tables of the Fathers (Almadels)



Holy Tables of the Fathers

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The Table of Solomon (Wisdom)

The Table of Moses (Miracles)

The influential grimoire called the Magical Calendar was an early example of a “magicians’ tables” book, gathering various Seals, Sigils, spirit-lists and other useful occult data for reference by the practicing sorcerer. Included in its pages are eight mysterious “Most Holy Tables of the Fathers”, each one associated with an esoteric gift possessed by a Biblical forefather: such as Adam’s table, which grants intelligence; Daniel’s table, which grants dream interpretation; or Moses’ table, granting the performance of miracles, etc. Yet, absolutely nothing is said in the Magical Calendar about how to employ them.

The Table of Adam (Intelligence)

The Table of Moses (Miracles)

The Table of Elias (Divine Wisdom)

The Table of Joshua (Prophecy)

The Table of Ezekiel (Health)

The Table of Daniel (Dream Interpretation)

The Table of Solomon (Wisdom)

The Table of Jeremiah (Visions)

Thankfully, we do know how the Tables were actually used – because the Table of King Solomon (granting access to his Wisdom) appears in other Solomonic grimoires. In the Key of Solomon the King, the figure appears as the “Mystical Figure of Solomon” – drawn on the first page of the Book of Angels. In the Lesser Key of Solomon, it is inscribed on the top of the altar/skrying table. In each case, it ensures the spiritual beings summoned via those tools will grant Wisdom to the conjurer. It is certain the other seven Holy Tables can be used in exactly the same ways to gain access to the gifts listed with each one.

Doc Solomon’s artist Carrie Leitch has felt drawn to these mysterious figures for years, and is now creating beautiful custom hand-painted 5″ x 7″ wooden plaques of all eight Tables. These plaques can be hung in your sacred space, used as Altar center-pieces, serve as bases for skrying devices (or skryed into directly), and even as miniature portable Altars (called “Almadels”) to take with you when you travel.

Contact us and let us know which of the eight Tables of the Fathers you would like, and to specify your color preferences. We can even gold- or silver-leaf them for you!

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