Holy Waters – Solomonic, Herbal, Etc.

Holy Waters – Solomonic, Herbal, Etc.


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Holy Waters – Solomonic, Herbal, Etc.

Holy water has many applications in the magickal arts. It can be used for blessing, purification and consecration, added to baths for cleansing, sealing of the home, exorcism/driving away unwanted spirits and even offered as a libation to saints and angels.

Solomonic Holy Water – $7.95
We gather pure spring water into an earthen vessel and add sea salt, mixed together with a stick of hazel less than a year old. The water is consecrated by an ordained Priest according to the Key of Solomon, on the day and hour of Mercury during the waxing Moon. [8 fl oz]

Holy Rose Chrism Water – $8.95
When used for baptism, Churches add consecrated anointing oil (called “chrism”) to the holy water. Our Church uses pure rose essential oil for this purpose, resulting in a very pleasantly scented holy rose water. We gather pure spring water into an earthen vessel and add sea salt, mixed together with a stick of hazel less than a year old. The water is consecrated by an ordained Priest according to the Key of Solomon, on the day and hour of Mercury during the waxing Moon. We then add fresh rose petals and consecrated 100% rose essential oil. [8 fl oz]

Epiphany Mass Water – $8.95
Epiphany Holy Water can only be made on one day (January 6th), via an extended consecration ceremony that takes place during the Epiphany Mass. This water is used around the world for cleansing and sealing one’s home for the entire coming year. This specific water is also called for in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, and can be used in place of standard holy water for an added kick. We use pure spring water and sea salt, consecrated by an ordained priest during our yearly Epiphany Mass (always January 6th).
NOTE our supply of this water will always be limited! [8 fl oz]

Dark Holy Water – $8.95
Certain rituals require consecrated spring water that has never been touched by the Sun. This makes it perfect for working with ancestors and any type of chthonic (underworld) entity. We gather pure spring water directly from its source in Seven Springs, Florida. This is done only after sundown, and the water is stored in light-sealed containers. It is then consecrated by an ordained priest according to the Key of Solomon, again working only during nighttime hours and a waxing Moon. [8 fl oz]

Herbal Holy Waters – $9.95

Herbal waters have a long tradition in many magickal systems and spells. Because they contain the extracted essence of various sacred plants, they can be used to attract and harness the vibrations of natural occult forces – such as: Lunar plants to bring peace and tranquility, or to induce dreams or visions, or Jupiterian plants to attract joviality, good fortune and prosperity, or even Martial or Saturnian plants to create war water. These herbal waters can be added to floor washes, sprinkled to purify and consecrate a sacred space, used to wash your magickal tools, sprinkled/sprayed directly onto yourself or others – any instance where you wish to attract the forces and spirits of nature. (However, see the warning below.)
These herbal waters also make powerful offerings and blood substitutes. You can pour them out as libations to local spirits, or place them in bowls directly upon the altars of your patrons or familiars. Also, the proper herbal water (which essentially contains the “blood” of the plant) can be used in place of animal blood in any spell or magickal procedure.
We make our herbal waters via Solomonic methods. We grow or hand-gather local herbs and plants sacred to each force. (Note the herbs listed for each water are subject to change, depending on time of year and availability of the plants.) Then, on the proper planetary day and hour, we invoke the proper Archangel with incense, oil, candle, and the Conjuratoion of the Day from the Heptameron. We then perform a simple ritual wherein the plants are submerged in pure spring water and the chloroform is extracted, as Psalms related to the occult force are recited. We then add several ounces of consecrated Solomonic Holy Water to make it a true and proper holy water, ready for magical use.
WARNING: These waters are NOT for internal use! Many or most of the plants we use are not edible!

Saturn Herbal Water
Made with three sacred plants: Cypress, Oak Moss, and Valerian. Use Saturn Water to attract and feed Saturn spirits, to communicate with the dead, with chthonic spirits, before matters of inheritance, or to encourage wisdom and “karmic” justice. Makes a great, and traditional, base for war waters. Also a perfect blood substitute for Saturnian or Chthonic animals – such as bat and black cat. [8 fl oz]

Jupiter Herbal Water
Made with four sacred plants: Cedar, Pine, Bay Laurel, Honeysuckle. Use Jupiter Water to attract and feed Jupiter spirits, for luck and prosperity, and to encourage joviality and friendship. [8 fl oz]

Mars Herbal Water
Made with five sacred plants: Peppermint, Cactus, Bougainvillea, Sandspur, and Asparagus (aka Foxtail) Fern. Use Mars Water to attract and feed Martial spirits, before battle or sporting events, whenever strength and courage are required. Also good as a base for war waters (but also see Saturn). Encourages courage and leadership, or aggression. [8 fl oz]

Solar Herbal Water
Made with six sacred plants: Hibiscus, Juniper, Tangerine, Lemon, Rosemary, and Saffron. Use Solar Water to attract and feed Solar spirits, for spiritual work, inspiration, seeking of truth, revelation of secrets and the invocation of Divine Light. Encourages lofty thinking, compassion, learning. [8 fl oz]

Venus Herbal Water
Made with seven sacred plants: Hibiscus, Magnolia, Willow, Rose, Basil, Spearmint, Bananna. Use Venus Water to attract and feed Venusian spirits, for dating, sex, passion, creativity. Encourages heat in relationships and artistic inspiration. [8 fl oz]

Mercury Herbal Water
Made with eight sacred plants: Spearmint, Juniper, Parsley, Fennel, Fern, Palm, Clover, Bottle-brush Use Mercury Water to attract and feed Mercurial spirits, before divinations, travel, evocations, spellwork, business matters or school. Encourages creativity, deviousness and communication. [8 fl oz]

Lunar Herbal Water
Made with 9 sacred plants: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Water Lily (inc. Lotus), Juniper, Geranium (Citronella), Willow (Bottle-brush), Spearmint, Aloe, and various Succulents. Use Luna Water to attract and feed lunar spirits, to induce dreams and visions, before divinations, or to encourage peace and tranquility. [8 fl oz]

Key of Solomon Herbal Water
New product coming soon!! Made with the 9 sacred herbs called for in the Key of Solomon to make the Aspergillum (water sprinkler), we have created this herbal water to employ the same vibrations even without the sprinkler. [8 fl oz]

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