Purification Baths

Purification Baths


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Purification Baths

Purification Baths have been used in religion and magick for longer than we have written records. Originally, ritual baths were taken at sacred rivers, pools, and springs – where the natural healing properties of the waters and minerals provided both physical and spiritual cleansing. They were employed to combat such things as sickness and even spirit possession. This is, in fact, the origin of the practice of Baptism. In the modern world, it is common to combine sacred herbs, minerals, and waters, and add them to baths drawn in our tubs at home. They can be used to cleanse oneself of negative energies, as well as to empower oneself with positive and healing forces.

Our Ritual Bath products from Anubeion Creations contain powerful herbs that have been used by Western practitioners for generations. Many of them have been drawn from the writings of Agrippa, as well as other grimoires, due to their correspondences with planetary and celestial forces, their healing properties, and their lore of repelling or expelling evil spirits. Psalms are prayed over each bath as they are made, along with an Egyptian prayer. Just add it to a warm bath, and wash physical and spiritual impurities down the drain!

Seven Planets Purification Bath
Contains seven sacred herbs corresponding to the planets – hyssop, lavender, spikenard, rue, vervain, cinquefoil, and patchouli – plus a splash of each of Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios Planetary Herbal Waters, and pleasant essential oils.
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Hyssop Purification Bath

Hyssop has a long history as a protective and healing herb. It was often strewn across floors to freshen the home, repel pests, and ward against plague. It has been used since ancient times as a purifying herb – often used to sprinkle Holy Water while cleansing an area. (See Psalm 51: “Purge me with hyssop, O Lord…”) This bath contains hyssop and essential oil of hyssop, among other proprietary ingredients – plus a splash Solomonic Holy Water.
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