Planetary Herbal Waters

Planetary Herbal Waters




Planetary Herbal Waters

Herbal waters have a long tradition in many magickal systems and spells. Because they contain the extracted essence of various sacred herbs, they can be used to attract and harness the vibrations of natural occult forces – such as: Lunar herbs to bring peace and tranquility, or to induce dreams or visions, or Jupiter herbs to attract joviality, good fortune and prosperity, or even Martial herbs to create war water. These herbal waters can be added to floor washes, sprinkled to purify and consecrate a sacred space, used to wash your magickal tools, sprinkled/sprayed directly onto yourself or others – any instance where you wish to attract the forces and spirits of nature. (However, see the warning below.)

These herbal waters also make powerful offerings and blood substitutes. You can pour them out as libations to local spirits, or place them in bowls directly upon the altars of your patrons or familiars. Also, the proper herbal water (which essentially contains the “blood” of the plant) can be used in place of animal blood in any spell or magickal procedure.

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We make our herbal waters via Solomonic methods. We hand-gather local herbs and plants sacred to each force, then (on the proper planetary day and hour) we perform a simple ritual wherein the plants are submerged in pure spring water and the chloroform is extracted. Psalms related to the occult force are recited during the extraction. We then add several ounces of consecrated Solomonic Holy Water to make it a true and proper holy water, ready for magickal use.

Here are the herbal waters we make, along with the herbs we use to make them. We always use a number of herbs sacred to the planet (i.e – four herbs for Jupiter, nine of Luna, etc.), though exactly which herbs are used will depend on availability of the plants.

WARNING: These waters are NOT for internal use! Many or most of the plants we use are not edible!

If we do not currently have an herbal water in stock, drop us a note and we can get it made for you.


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Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Luna, Key of Solomon


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