Hand Painted Magick Circles

Hand Painted Magick Circles


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Hand Painted Magick Circles

Standard 5′ Diameter Hand-Painted Circle (4 Names, 4 figures) – $299.95
Standard 9′ Diameter Hand-Painted Circle (4 Names, 4 figures) – $449.95
More Complex Circles available – Contact us

Magick Circles are large talismans (or mandalas) inscribed on the floor to mark the boundaries of sacred space. Sometimes they are used as protection against hostile spirits (such as during exorcisms), but they are just as often used to empower a space, and thus one’s magick, with various Divine and Angelic influences. In the Solomonic tradition, Circles were either marked in the earth with a wand or dagger, or they could be inscribed upon a floor with consecrated chalk or charcoal. Today, a “magick carpet” style of Circle has become popular – with the Names and Characters marked upon cloth, tarp or canvass. These allow the practitioner to easily transport and position the Circle for many different uses.

5 feet

5 feet

9 feet

Our “Magick Carpet” Circles are hand-painted on cotton canvass. Pictured are 5′ diameter double-circles bearing four Hebrew Divine Names separated by four holy symbols. The Key of Solomon recommends this design for a Circle intended for the consecration of all tools, implements, talismans, etc.

For the standard double-circles, you may choose any four Names and four simple separator Characters (such as crosses, pentagrams, etc). You can choose white canvass with black lettering, black canvass with white lettering, or even request other colors depending on your needs. (Canvass colors will be subject to availability, and some will require an extra charge!)

Besides the standard design, more complex Circles are available upon request. Price will vary.

All our hand painted magick circles are made to order, including the “standard” version(s) shown above. Contact us directly to place your order. Be sure to tell us your required size, color(s), and names (including your desired magickal language) if different from those shown above.

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