Custom Spirit Boxes by Mani C. Price

Custom Spirit Boxes by Mani C. Price

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Custom Spirit Boxes by Mani C. Price

A Spirit Box is a type of high-end custom talisman. They are essentially created to house spirits and to give them a physical anchor on this plane. When you want to contact someone or resolve an issue immediately, a spirit box will do just that. When you open it, you are putting the spirit to work for you. You make a request and send the spirit to work. Communication becomes smoother and faster. These spirit boxes can be treated as traveling miniature altars.

Price: $300.00 – $500.00
Contact us to place custom order.

Spirit Box dedicated to Goetia Spirit Furfur

These are not flimsy cigar boxes! They are solid pieces of wood made to be heirlooms. They will last a lifetime. I’ve done mahogany, purpleheart, maple, ash, cherry and birch thus far. I start with a simple wood burning ritual around the main sigil on certain astrological dates. Then I start painting on the sides of the boxes.

Jupiter Box:
Venus Box:
Mercury Box:

The images are usually related to aspects of the spirit the box is meant to work with. For example, a box for Venus may be covered with depictions of sex and lust, while a box for Jupiter has more images of money and kingship. In the end you have a masterpiece in its own right that you can do with as you please.

Clients are required to have created or reestablished a connection with the spirit themselves. I will provide instructions on offerings, prayers, rites and general upkeep to maintain that connection. Items pertaining to the spirit can also put inside the box such as oils, herbs, stones, or dirt (like from a bank to attract money). Animal products such a teeth, claws, feathers, or bones can also be incorporated. The majority of the spirit boxes I create involve planetary magic.

Clients can request to have an astrological natal reading done first. If they choose to purchase a spirit box, the reading fee is waived. The planets that are strongest in their chart will be the planetary spirits we will be working with. I then go over designs or images related to that planetary spirit. I use cleansing and consecration rituals before and after a talisman’s creation.

Please note that when it comes to the spirit boxes, turnaround time is dependent on availability from my supplier. It may take up 6-12 months if out of stock. Specific exotic woods such as purpleheart or wenge may take even longer (and are of course more expensive)! Please keep in mind before ordering. I do not offer the sale of blank boxes at this time.

Contact Doc Solomon’s and tell us what your custom Spirit Box should look like! Mani will discuss the design and price of the box with you. (Prices are based on size, medium, and materials.)