Blessed Rosaries and Chaplets

Blessed Rosaries and Chaplets


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Blessed Rosaries and Chaplets

Prayer beads have been an established part of spiritual practices for thousands of years, found in both the East and the West. In the most practical sense, they allow one to keep track of long series of prayers or mantras. In a mystical sense, they talismanically embody the very prayers said over them.

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Blessed Rosaries from Doc Solomon's Occult Curios

In the West, prayer beads have largely taken the form of the Rosary (Mary/Christ) and Chaplet (Saints/Angels) – employing a sacred symbol and the medallion of a Saint along with colored beads. Though Christian in origin, the beauty and simple practicality of the Rosary and Chaplet has seen it gain popularity even outside of Christianity.

We offer a variety of beautifully hand-crafted Rosaries and Chaplets for several traditions: Christian, Gnostic, Neopagan/Wiccan, Gnostic-Voudon, etc. Each is consecrated by an ordained priest during a mass, and comes with the prayers intended for its use. Here are just a few of our past custom Rosaries and Chaplets:

Rosary – Red, Gold Michael Chaplet – Red, Blue, Amber Michael Chaplet – Red, Green
Rosary – Rosewood Rosary – Rosewood, Red, Gold Raphael Chaplet – Rosewood
Celtic Cross Gnostic Rosary – Blue, Black Gnostic Solar Cross Rosary Solar Cross Rosary – Rosewood, Sterling Silver
Michael Chaplet – Red, Gold, 9-Choirs Rosary – Rosewood Michael Chaplet – Red, Yellow

We make all Rosaries and Chaplets to custom order. Contact us and let us know:

-Rosary or Chaplet.
-If a Chaplet, to whom is it dedicated (Saint, Archangel, etc)?
-Glass, Metal, or Rosewood Beads.
-Full-color or Metallic Medallion.
-The color-scheme you want (for glass or plastic beads only).
-Any other custom details you desire.

We will get back to you with either further questions or an invoice.

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