Incenses and Suffumigations

Incenses and Suffumigations

Planetary Suffumigations

Incense has been burned in religious rites and magical rituals since before recorded history. Because they are compounded from sacred plants and other natural ingredients, they serve as common burnt-offerings to the Gods and/or spirits we work with. Spiritual entities and forces are attracted or repelled by different perfumes, and conjurors burn copious amounts of resins to provide a medium for the manifestation of spirits.

Abramelin InscenseAbramelin Incense

Abramelin Incense is a perfect “general use” suffumigation that can be employed for most magickal purposes. The formula is based upon that given in Exodus 30:34-38 – where it was reserved only for use in the Tabernacle (and later the Temple of Solomon). The recipe was adapted into the Book of Abramelin, Book II, Chapter 11, “Concerning the Selection of the Place,” with slight variations between various manuscripts.

Goetia InscenseGoetia Incense

The Incense prescribed in the Goetia of Solomon contains one of the most precious substances on Earth: Lignum Aloes, also known as Agarwood. Combined with raisins and dates preserved with alum, and powdered cedar wood, the incense of the Goetia produces a scent tuned perfectly for skrying chthonic (underworld) entities.

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