Hand-Crafted Magical and Spiritual Tools

Hand-Crafted Magical and Spiritual Tools

Wool thread spun by a virginMaiden Spun Thread

Many traditions of magick and conjure – especially Solomonic mysticism – require thread “spun by a young maiden/virgin.” Such thread is used to bind herbs, sew robes, hang talismans, and for any spell calling for string or thread.

Virgin Parchment (Calfskin)

Some magical operations require the use of consecrated virgin parchment for the inscription of talismans, seals, characters, etc. The virginity of the animal assured the spiritual purity of the talisman, and its spirit was understood to inhabit and empower the object.

Archangel Novena CandlesArchangel Novena Candles (fixed)

Each candle is colored according to the angel’s Planet, and “fixed” with planetary oils (from Anubeion) and Doc Sol’s planetary suffumigation. The name and Seal of the angel decorates the front of the candle, and an invocation of the angel is conveniently provided on the back – both taken from the Heptameron.

Beeswax candles with virgin spun wickSolomonic Ritual Candles

Solomonic magick requires consecrated candles of virgin beeswax with wicks made by a young maiden. When lit with prayer, they are powerful embodiments of pure Solar light in your sacred space. They will empower your spells, and make excellent fire and wax offerings to the angels and spirits.

Blessed Eggshell Chalk (Cascarilla)Blessed Eggshell Chalk

Blessed chalk has many uses, such as inscribing magical circles and characters, marking protective symbols upon your home, and even in cleansing and healing rituals. Ours are made from all natural ingredients: only eggshell, flour and water (a kind of chalk often called “cascarilla”).

Blessed Rosaries from Doc Solomon's Occult CuriosBlessed Rosaries

Prayer beads have been an established part of spiritual practices for thousands of years, found in both the East and the West. In the most practical sense, they allow one to keep track of long series of prayers or mantras. In a mystical sense, they talismanically embody the very prayers said over them.

Hand Painted Magick CircleHand Painted Magick Circles

Magick Circles are large talismans (or mandalas) inscribed on the floor to mark the boundaries of sacred space. Sometimes they are used as protection against hostile spirits (such as during exorcisms), but they are just as often used to empower a space, and thus one’s magick, with various Divine and Angelic influences.

AspergillumHerbsFresh Aspergillum Herbs

Nearly all forms of religion and magick use sacred plants and herbs for the purposes of purification. These plants might be sacred to a particular deity, or (more often) herbs were chosen for their known healing/purgative properties, for their pleasant odor, and/or for their folkloric uses in exorcism or driving away evil spirits. One or more such herbs are gathered together and used as an aspergillum to sprinkle holy water on objects and persons.

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